• Lives in London UK, Travels Anywhere & Everywhere.

    I’ve always loved traveling to different parts of the world ever since my first holiday abroad at the tender age of twelve. I'm also obsessed with working online so I can keep myself in this lifestyle of a digital nomad.


    I rarely work as a webcam model these days, I tend to concentrate on the online marketing side of my business which gives me more time to enjoy life.


    And Things My Boyfriend And I Do As a Couple

    Webcam Modelling

    For the last eight years I have been earning a great living as a webcam model for various agencies.


    And for the last two years my boyfriend has joined me in front of the camera and now we are a webcam modelling couple.


    Since Colin started to do webcam modelling with me our earnings have tripled and we now have a huge following of loyal watchers.


    But all good things must come to an end, and soon we shall be quitting the camera for the time being.



    Affiliate Marketing

    The reason we are quitting webcam modelling is to concentrate on our online marketing business.


    We are both affiliate marketers but we both work in different niches. I work in the adult niche and Colin works in the make money niche.


    Affiliate marketing for those of you who do not know literally means we are the middle man.


    We promote other peoples products and services and we then receive a commission for all sales we make, which is generally 70%.

    We Are Swingers

    Yes you read that right we are into swingers dating. We both love each other tremendously and we both love having sex together.


    But we also love having sex with other people as well. We came to this conclusion very early on in our relationship.


    I am Bi Sexual and love the feel of another woman caressing my body. Colin is straight and loves to watch me make love to other women.


    When we swing we do swap partners, but mainly its all about us girls.

  • Our Travels

    Places We Have Been And Countries We Have Visited


    New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Colorado, Washington.

    Over the course of the last six years we have visited the places above for various reasons including work. But the main reason was to have fun and see the sights and meet new people. We have a great many friends from the USA who we are in contact with most of the time, and no not all of them are swingers. America is a beautiful country and we will be back.




    Far to many cities and places we have been to write down here

    We absolutely adore Spain and visit very often. We never really know which part we are going to until we get there. We book our flight last minute not worrying which airport we land at, then when we arrive we make our decision where to go. Hotels are plentiful all across Spain and most of the time rather cheap. We enjoy the thrill of not knowing where we are going and we enjoy all the new places we visit and all the new friends we make along the way. Spain will probably end up being our home someday.

    Madeira Portugal

    Visited the whole Island, not surprising really, I used to live here

    Madeira is an island just off the west coast of Africa and is pretty much sunny all year round. Also known as the pearl of the Atlantic this beautiful island has many many things going for it and not just it's wine. The Levada walks are breath taking but may also leave you breathless as they are not for the unfit. The whole island is covered in greenery and flowers where ever you go thanks to the Levada's irrigation system. Visiting the old town in Funchal is a must, and taking one of the many cable cars is another.


    Montego Bay, Falmouth, St Anns Bay, Kingston

    Beautiful country fantastic beaches lovely people but can be dangerous for people like us who like to travel around and not be tied to a holiday complex who advise you not to leave the safety of the hotel. Luckily we found a trusted guide who took us around much of the island and kept us safe. Crime can be a problem so listen to your holiday reps and stay safe.


    We have taken cruises all around the world

    Taking cruises is our favourite way to travel around the world and we spend around seven months or more of the year on a cruise. A lot of the cruises we take are swinger cruises where we meet new and old friends for sexy fun. Being on a swingers cruise for us is like a kid in a candy store. We just can't get enough of them, and the sex we get with many different couples is out of this world. Imagine walking around a cruise ship half naked without a care in the world meeting new friends then fucking them.

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